Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

We’ve been many things to many people over the years. That’s because our clients trust us with lots of their technical needs, which could be websites one minute and a live event the next. We don’t claim to be experts at everything, but we’re dedicated to helping our clients succeed, so take a look around our site and see what we could be helping you achieve too.

Stop blending in with the crowd and start leaving your mark on the world.

Armshouse Group

Web Development

Whether you need a new site or want to revamp your existing one, we’ll work with you to deliver a design that meets your individual needs and isn’t just a cut and paste from the last client.

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Armshouse Group

Social Marketing

Social media can be a huge benefit to any business or project, but it also requires time to do it right. We can help you to setup, manage and make the best use of the social media channels that your fans or customers are using.

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Armshouse Group

Modern Graphic Design

Online or in print, our attention to detail will help you catch the eye of your audience. Producing artwork for use in your advertising campaigns or on your website, we’ll take your ideas and put together something that communicates your message clearly.

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Armshouse Group

Cloud Services

Lots can be done ‘in the cloud’ these days; from storage, to email and online billing. We’ll help you cut through the jargon and find solutions that work for you and your project – that’s if cloud services are a good fit… We never push solutions at people just because they’re the ‘in thing’.

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Armshouse Group

Solid Email

Need to get email set up pronto? We’ll help you ditch your personal email address and start communicating like a pro. Based on your needs, we can recommend reliable and affordable email systems from providers that you can trust to deliver your most important communications.

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Armshouse Group

Great Coffee

We’d love to chat with you about your project. If you think we’d make a good match, then get in touch and say ‘hi’. We can call or meet up with you to talk through a few ideas and options and give you a few things to think about. There’s absolutely no obligation and we promise not to sell at you.

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A little Bit About Us

Armshouse Group began life by helping individuals from the performing arts industry with personal projects that they were involved in whilst working on or appearing in West End productions.

These individuals were often talented in certain areas, but needed help in others – for example website or graphic design. Due to the close nature in which we work with our clients, over the years, the amount of things we’ve been asked to help with has grown and grown.

Today, we offer a range of services at Armshouse Group; some are web and internet related, others are geared around live events. We specialise in providing a tailored service, so please ask us if there is anything which isn’t explicitly mentioned and we’ll try our very best to accommodate your needs.

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Live Audio


Web Development


Social Media


I would recommend Armshouse Group to anybody wanting to work with a genuine, nice team who know their stuff!

Paul Saunders, Paul Saunders Clarinet

Armshouse Group have been instrumental in bringing Sentry to life in a visible way. I could not recommend them enough and do to many people who have now used their skills.

Mark Jones, Sentry Chauffeurs Ltd

Armshouse Group have been a revelation, it's great to know your project is in a safe pair of hands.

Graham Chrimes, Heritage Photos

I would not hesitate to recommend Armshouse Group if anyone had a project to undertake, creatively and technically brilliant throughout, from the seed of an idea to its final realisation.

Namaan Ebdon, London Shoe Designer