Case Study: How We’ve Helped BB Motors Kent

By March 6, 2013 May 31st, 2014 Case Study, Social Media, Websites

BB Motors Kent AvatarWhen used car dealers BB Motors Kent wanted to setup their own used car website, they approached Armshouse Group for help.

BB Motors Kent are an independent used car dealer based in the Kent area who are just starting out.  Business partners Mark and Ross have been trading used cars for a short while using a variety of free and paid for advertising, but they wanted to take their image to the next level and look more professional.

“We’d been using some free calssifieds websites and a few of the more well known used car websites, but there wasn’t an easy way for people to see all of the cars we had on offer in one place.  We wanted to create our own website where we could refer people and someone suggested we get in touch with Armshouse Group.”

The guys from BB Motors Kent wanted to end up with a website which would enable them to add and remove cars by themselves rather than having to go through a web designer each time a vehicle was added or sold.  Having been comfortable with entering vehicle details and uploading pictures to the sites they currently used, we felt that a WordPress website would work well for them and we set about helping them through the process of registering a domain name and arranging for web-hosting.

“Armshouse Group gave us some names of companies we could register our website name with and where we could host the site too.  Even though they could have charged for doing that for us, they helped talk us through it instead.  It was reassuring to know that they were genuinely looking to give us a good service from the start and not just make money where possible.”

Once the technicalities of  the hosting were sorted out, we started on the look of the site.  Other than details of the cars, the team from BB Motors Kent had no material for the site yet; no graphics, no copy, not even a logo.  After some initial conversations with Mark, we were able to gauge the theme for the website and start producing a draft template to show the BB Motors Kent team.

Examples of BB Motors Kent websites

Using our graphic services skills and based on guidance from Mark and Ross, we came up with a colour scheme and a few logo options for the BB Motors Kent duo to look over.

“It felt like Armshouse Group really understood what it was we were after looks-wise and in no time at all they were able to come up with a demo site that looked like it was good to go there and then!”

Logo Design for BB Motors Kent by Armshouse Group

Example of BB Motors Kent Logo

We kept tweaking the site in response to the feedback and feature requests received by the BB Motors Kent team until the site was in shape to go live.  We also made sure that the admin side of things was running smoothly and working as it should.

From the start, it was the ambition of Mark and Ross to eventually be able to update the website themselves.  We configured their site so that they could do this easily, without having to get involved in too many complicated design and layout tasks.  This was achieved by setting up some templates that would enable the look of their car classifieds to remain consistent and provide a familiar starting point each time.

As Mark would be making the majority of updates to begin with, we arranged a convenient time to meet him and teach him all he needed to know in order to make the updates he wanted.  After a short session, Mark was able to confidently navigate his way around WordPress and to add/remove cars with no problem.

“The way the website was laid out on the backend was really well thought out and Hyder explained it all in a way which was easy to understand.  It didn’t take too long to get the hang of it and it’s nice to know that I can always give Armshouse Group a call if I get stuck with anything.”

Getting Social

In addition to the website, BB Motors Kent also wanted to setup a Facebook page which they could share with their friends, family and customers to help spread the word about the business and to collect testimonials and feedback about their service.

We completed the setup process and made Mark an admin of the new Facebook page so that he could update it as he needed to.  We also designed the cover photo and avatar for use on the page as well as some graphics for a custom Facebook tab that fetches details of the latest cars available from their website.

Thinking Ahead

Realising the importance of their new website, the BB Motors Kent team naturally want to make sure that the site is available and running with as little downtime as possible.  As such, they have decided to take out one of our yearly website maintenance plans and leave any technical issues to us.

We have also setup the team’s new email addresses and are working on some business stationary for them also so that they can stay connected with their future customers and suppliers.

We’re delighted that BB Motors Kent have chosen Armshouse Group to help them launch and maintain their website.  We’d also like to thank them for the kind comments they have provided and look forward to continuing our relation with them.  If you’d like to take a look at the work we’ve done, head over to and