cloud audio processing

Audio Processing In The Cloud

Following on from my last article about alternative development models for audio mixing consoles, I got to thinking about other areas of the audio industry that might also see different business models emerge as a result of future developments in the Audio over IP sphere and related industries.

AV/IT Security

The Security ‘Wild West’ of AV/IT

There has been a lot of talk lately about the security of AV/IT systems as if they are the new ‘Wild West’ of the IT estate. A few articles point the finger at AV systems and warn that how left unchecked, they might expose an entire network to some kind of attack or loss.

armshouse group dante vs the rest

History Repeating? The Network Audio Shootout

For a while now I’ve been watching the audio (and video) industry’s march towards IP with a slight sense of déjà vu. It is very reminiscent to me of the early ’90s period when computer networking was starting to flourish across many enterprises and the battle for which technology would dominate was starting to heat up.

The Getting Online Series

At the start of this blog, some months ago, we began with a series of articles titled ‘Getting Online’.  They were written with people in mind whom wanted to get to grips with some of the basics about registering website names and setting up a website.

Download Cards: New Tactics In A Digital World

Bands, musicians and anyone distributing digitally have another tool in the marketing world – Dropcards™. Dropcards™ isn’t a new fly-by-night company that has only just popped up overnight.  They have been around for quite a few years now and run a slick operation out of their office complex located in New Jersey, USA, “but what do they do?” I hear you …

Do You Need An Email List?

With Facebook and Twitter dominating the social media landscape and providing you with all the contact you need, why should you consider adding email to the mix too?

Give Your Twitter Feed A Makeover

If you’re still using the default themes that come with Twitter, why not give your feed a facelift with a new Twitter background?

Hootsuite: The Social Media Time-Saver

If you’re serious about your social media efforts then that probably means you have multiple accounts to manage.  In that case, you need to know about Hootsuite.

Getting Online Part 3: Email

  In this article we will be focusing on email for business and how you can use it to maximum benefit. Email has been around for ages now and I’m pretty sure we don’t need to cover how to use it in too much detail.  Instead, we’ll take a look at how you can go from using your personal email …

Getting Online Part 2: Web Hosting

In this second article we’ll take a look at how to go about setting up a website and the finer details of web hosting. If you’re thinking about setting up a website or having one designed for you, at some point you will have to cross paths with a ‘web host’ or hosting company as they are also referred to.