Three Mistakes Many Performers Make On Social Media

Social media like Facebook and Twitter should be an important ingredient for performers in their marketing agenda.  Like most people, performers, artists and bands are familiar with these tools from their place in their personal lives; however, when starting to use them as a marketing tool there are some things to consider.

Download Cards: New Tactics In A Digital World

Bands, musicians and anyone distributing digitally have another tool in the marketing world – Dropcards™. Dropcards™ isn’t a new fly-by-night company that has only just popped up overnight.  They have been around for quite a few years now and run a slick operation out of their office complex located in New Jersey, USA, “but what do they do?” I hear you …

Do You Need An Email List?

With Facebook and Twitter dominating the social media landscape and providing you with all the contact you need, why should you consider adding email to the mix too?