Give Your Twitter Feed A Makeover

If you’re still using the default themes that come with Twitter, why not give your feed a facelift with a new Twitter background?

Give Your Followers Something New To Look At

Changing the background which sits behind your Twitter feed is relatively simple.  You can upload your own designs or you can choose from literally thousands of free images available on the web.  Below is a picture of the @ArmshouseGroup Twitter background which we’ve customised.

If you want to upload your own picture then follow the steps below.


1. Choose the ‘Settings’ option from the menu at the top of your Twitter profile.

2. A list of options will now be visible on the left, choose ‘Design’.

3. Click the ‘Choose File’ button and browse for your image on your computer and select it.

4. Save your changes and your new picture will now be used as the background.

You can also change the colour of the panel directly behind your tweets as well as the colour of any links or hashtags which appear.  Click on the coloured boxes to choose a new hue.

You may want to experiment a little with those two colour settings to find something which compliments the colours of your new background image.  You should try and select colours which still allow your tweets to be easily read.

If your image is small in size and you’d like it to repeat over and over, you can tick the ‘Tile background’ box to do this.  Have a try either way and see how it looks.  This works with some pictures better than others; repeating patterns tend to look effective with this option selected.

There is also a restriction on the maximum file-size your image can be; no greater than 800k.  This means that your favourite snap from your digital camera will likely be too big and you’ll have to shrink the file size down before you can use it.

An Easier Way

If all that messing around with file sizes and settings seems too much like hard work, then fortunately help is at hand.  A multitude of websites are available with free Twitter (and Facebook) backgrounds for you to choose from.  Many of those sites will also install the Twitter background for you at the click of a button.

A few of those sites are:

Most of those sites will let you browse images by either category, colour or both.  They’ll also install your chosen Twitter background for you automagically; what’s more, they’re free.

Use Your Canvas

If you have a product, service or talent to promote, then a custom Twitter background is an ideal way to let people know about it.  On our background, you can see that we use some of the space to tell people about our website and how they can find us on Facebook and YouTube.

You could use yours to tell visitors of your profile about anything you like, so go ahead and customise your Twitter background and let your individuality show.  Above is an example of a background we designed for West End actor @AdamPettigrew, which illustrates that even something simple can be effective.  If you’d like more information about having your own Twitter background designed by Armshouse Group, please contact us.