Like most things, it comes down to the price tag.

You’ll have noticed that we haven’t included any pricing information for the services we’ve mentioned on this website. That’s not to deliberately hide them from you in the fear of scaring you off; you’ll actually find that our fees are quite reasonable.
We believe that it would be wrong to have a fixed price on everything. After all, no two clients have the same requirements, budget or size of project. It makes all the difference how deeply we get involved in your project as to what the fee will be.
Some clients just need advice from us. In many cases, that’s often free; we don’t feel that we necessarily lose all that much by demonstrating that you can trust our judgement. In fact, many people come back to us and engage our paid services as a result of having followed our recommendations and seeing that it worked for them.
As an example: If you’re happy to take ownership for your project, then we’ll quite happily put you in touch with the companies or organisations you need to speak to, we can even liaise on you behalf to get things up and running. For something like that, we’d charge you a basic administration fee to cover the cost of our time and we promise that we won’t add a mark-up on any of the third party services you need to pay for.
Big Ideas, Not Big Fees

We realise that when you’re starting out you might be put off by working with companies like Armshouse Group. You may be under the impression that our services are reserved for large corporations with big budgets to spend on consultants, but that’s not true.

We gain great satisfaction from working with both individuals and small businesses, helping to turn their ideas into reality, no matter how humble or limited their budget. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you, because to us, it’s the size of your ambitions which is important; not the size of your wallet.

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