An Online Project

BB Motors Kent are a used car dealership who wanted to move away from using classified ads and websites and have their own web presence.
They wanted a simple site, that was easy to use and would allow them to update it frequently as cars came and went. They also wanted to reach out to their existing client base through Facebook, but through a dedicated page, not their personal profiles.

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You can read the full story of how we helped BB Motors Kent on our blog.
Case Study

Our Approach

We met with the BB Motors team to discuss the goals for their website. Aside from the pictures of the cars, they had no visual elements whatsoever. They gave us some guidelines for a colour scheme and we created some logos and layouts for them to take a look at.
We used the colour scheme throughout the site and on their Facebook page too. To make the updating of the site straightforward, we setup a base template that allows the BB Motors team to add new vehicles easily. Make, model, mileage and all other details can be filled out and the layout is taken care of automagically.
For the Facebook page, we created more graphics that tied in with the website branding and configured custom Facebook tabs to further enhance the end user experience.What remained was to provide training and support so that the BB Motors team could make changes to their site as needed. We spent a day on-site training them and answering questions, modifying bits of the site as we went to make the process really fit around the way they work.

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Complete Online Coverage

Website Configuration

Registration, design and build.


Logo, website graphics, colour scheme.

Business Email

Configuration and setup.


On-site training to cover future updates.

Not only can we create the graphics for your website, we can also setup your social media accounts and tie your branding in so that you look professional across the whole net.
Social Media Services

It was reassuring to know that they were genuinely looking to give us a good service from the start and not just make money.

Mark - BB Motors Kent

These guys really understood what it was we were after looks-wise and in no time at all they were able to come up with a demo site that looked like it was good to go there and then!

Mark - BB Motors Kent