The Key Aspects We Covered

In order to get yourself a web presence, there are a few steps necessary to get the ball rolling; one of which is to register a web address (or domain name). We took care of this and all the other pre-design aspects for Graham so that he didn\’t have to get bogged down with it all.With the help of Armshouse Group, Graham was able to register the www.heritagephotos.co.uk domain name and source the right eCommerce platform which would enable him to host and sell his photographs.

Graham had some rough ideas of what he had in mind for the Heritage photos logo. We took his thoughts and came back to him with some drafts to choose from. After tweaking fonts and colour schemes, we used the graphics as part of the website and to create an identity that Heritage Photos now use across the web.

As we had chosen an eCommerce platform specifically created for photographers, Graham was able to upload and do much of the site setup himself. We helped with some of the trickier aspects that required getting under the hood or anything else that Graham felt he needed our assistance with. We can be as involved as you want us to be; if you prefer doing things by yourself, that\’s great. If you get stuck, you can always talk to us; we believe in providing a service, not simply selling solutions.

Graham was a social media newcomer when he approached us. Like many business owners, he knew it existed and could be important, but with so many networks and options available – he was unsure where to start. With our help, Heritage Photos has setup a dedicated Facebook page, where heritage enthusiasts can connect with them and find out all the latest that Graham is up to.As we had setup the Heritage Photos website, we were able to carry through all the graphic and branding elements from the website, through to Facebook. This is one benefit that many of our clients enjoy about working with us. By dealing with Armshouse Group, there was no need to negotiate getting files from the web designer, to pass on to a graphics designer (that\’s if the web designer would even hand them over without more money). This saves time for all involved and more importantly, you can get on with what you do best.

Armshouse Group

“Armshouse Group have been a revelation, it’s great to know your project is in a safe pair of hands. I was new to social media, and they dealt with it all in such a professional way that put my mind at rest. I would highly recommend the Armshouse Group.”

Graham Chrimes – Heritage Photos

 You can visit the Heritage Photos website at: http://www.heritagephotos.co.uk
 You can find Heritage Photos on Facebook at: /HeritagePhotos