Club Tropicana Island

We are thrilled to have been able to work with children’s charity Momentum on their ‘Club Tropicana Island’ fundraising event held on Ravens Ait Island on 6th May 2012.Tasked with project managing the sound requirements for this event, this amazing evening featured a spectacular ’80s themed show, with top performers from the West End, including Amy Hill, Kim Ismay, Cleo, Earl Perkins, David Erik, Kelly Rainford and Kieran Jae and dancers from the famous Urdang Academy.

Armshouse Group
Armshouse Group

Pre Production

We knew that staging an event on an island in the middle of the Thames River would bring some interesting challenges, so we went to the location ahead of time to scope things out. As with all such events, the devil is in the detail and once the musical line-up had been confirmed, we set about putting together a system design. We dealt with the technical aspects, liaising between the Momentum production staff and Britannia Row who were chosen to supply the equipment.

Technical Crew
£ Raised
Armshouse Group


The first part of the day involved getting all of the two truck loads of sound equipment over from the mainland on to the island. Once this was done, the setup could commence. As with all these events; the schedule is always tight, with performers eager to rehearse as soon as can be. The priority was to get the sound system up and running as quickly as possible.
Time lapse video by kind permission of:
Those Creative Guys
Armshouse Group


Once the system was in and the band on-stage the rehearsals commenced, leaving the remainder of the afternoon available to get everything sounding right. As most of the performers and band were drawn from West End shows, it was fitting that the sound crew were also from a West End Background. Armshouse Group selected world renown sound company Britannia Row to provide the PA and supplemental crew for this event.
Armshouse Group


In addition to the performance element, there was also speech, video and DJ to contend with on the sound front. All these elements combined elegantly on the night to produce an event which was both professionally delivered and well executed.Once the performance was finished, the floor was turned over to the DJ who played until the end of the evening at midnight. The work then continued into the morning, de-rigging the system and getting the equipment back over the river and loaded on to the trucks.