Namaan Ebdon


A Print Project

Namaan Ebdon is a cordwainer (a shoemaker who makes shoes from quality leather). He was asked to include some of his collection in a high profile exhibition in London and wanted to supplement his exhibits with some display materials. Namaan also wanted postcards produced which would provide visitors with information they could take away.

Creative Design

We helped Namaan to select the most appropriate format for his display materials as well as advising on the different mounting and finishing options.
We produced the artwork, sourced a print firm and took care of the order process for Namaan. This allowed him to focus on preparing his pieces for the exhibition and not having to worry about the technicalities.

Our Approach

Being a designer himself, Namaan had a clear idea of what he wanted to do, he just didn’t have the technical resources or time to make it all happen before the ‘Head To Toe’ exhibition.
We met with Namaan and he showed us some mock ups of how he imagined his display materials to look. We took his drafts and source material and were quickly able to create artwork which the print firms would need to produce the displays. Namaan also gave us an idea of what he wanted his postcards to look like, so we set about producing a few different designs for him to have a look at and tweak.
Once the proofs had been finalised, we submitted the designs to the print firm and arranged the delivery to Namman’s studio. On the morning of delivery, Namaan’s client liaison visited him at his studio so that they could inspect the finished products together and ensure Namaan’s satisfaction.

For a closer look at the work we did for Namaan, read the case study on our blog. Case Study

“I would like to say a huge thank you for your work throughout my project for the show. For your expediency, understanding, technical skill, patience and creation in displaying my work as a designer, in a public arena successfully and with finesse.”

Namaan Ebdon