From Scratch

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One Stop Service

Wellbeing Pro are an online retailer of health and fitness supplements. With a steady flow of customers and new products, they needed help keeping their website up and running on the technical side as well as the graphical content fresh.

Working with us meant that we could handle all those technical and creative requirements without Wellbeing Pro having to deal with separate web and graphic designers.

No Robbery

Nobody likes nasty surprises, especially when it comes to paying the bill.

The way we charged for services to Wellbeing Pro ranged from hourly fees for website updates, to fixed prices for website banners and other graphics. You’ll always know what our services will cost you so that you can be in total control of your project’s expenses. We’ll even provide you access to our online billing portal where you can see how many hours are being logged on your project, by whom and what for.

Our Approach

We met with the Director of Wellbeing Pro, Klodian Ozuni, to discuss the direction his business was taking and how we could fit in with its workflow. Klodian told us that one of his biggest issues was the long turnaround times his current graphic designers had when producing graphics for his site. With new offers and products continually coming in, Wellbeing Pro needed to be able to react quickly and have graphics up on their website in days not weeks. Each of our clients is assigned a Client Liaison who becomes their sole point of contact at Armshouse Group; that way, you can be assured of our prompt attention to your requirements.We began taking design briefs and outlines for the work needed as well as agreeing a pricing scheme that suited the cash-flow of the business. We understand that some things you’ll prefer to pay for as you go, whereas others you’d like to split up in chunks. We’re totally flexible when it comes to billing for our services.

Running Repairs

We don’t mind tweaking other people’s work, be that your own or even items that you’ve had designed elsewhere. In fact, we did just that for Wellbeing Pro. They\’d already had some templates designed by someone else from a previous project and wanted to re-use them, but change things up a bit first.
We were able to take the source files and make the changes needed quicker and at a more realistic price than the original design firm would have wanted.

We should mention that we can only play around with someone else\’s hard work if your original agreement with them allows you to do so.

Visit Wellbeing Pro and see if you can spot some of our handiwork Take a look

Easy Website Updates

We can make updates from as little as £10 per hour.