Rebelmouse: And How Performers Can Use It

By April 29, 2013 August 9th, 2016 Internet, Social Media, Websites

rebelmouse for performersRebelmouse is a new service that pulls your social media from a variety of sources and displays it in a magazine style layout, but why would this be of use to a performer?


What is Rebelmouse and how do you get it?

Since writing this article, Reblemouse have withdrawn their free offering and have revised their product range. We have left this article here for reference purposes.

Rebelmouse falls into a category of tools called ‘content aggregators’.  You tell Rebelmouse which social media accounts matter to you and it pulls content from all of them and displays what it finds on a single page, a bit like a newspaper or magazine.
Signing up for Rebelmouse is free and easy, with options to login with a number of popular social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.  Once you’ve signed up, you can choose  your username, which becomes your page address.  Ours is httpss://

You choose the content

Your page can have only your content, or you can include content from other people too.  For example, we have setup a ‘Theatre News’ page which includes Tweets, videos and articles from a range of sources – check it out here: httpss://

If you’re doing a gig or an event, then you’re probably busy Tweeting and posting to Facebook to drum up interest.  Setting up a Rebelmouse page to pull all that content into one place can be a great focal point for you to direct people to.  All of your content updates automatically and they can share it to spread the word all from the same page.  Rebelmouse is even clever enough so that it can pull content based on a particular Twitter hashtag (for example #mygreatgig) so that Tweets by your fans or audience can be included too.

Use it as your website

If you don’t have a website of your own (and you really should) then Rebelmouse can also be a nifty way of bridging that gap till you’re ready.  You could register your web address and have it point to your Rebelmouse page where all your social media activity is collated for people to read and share.  West End performer, Adam Pettigrew, recently did just that and you can visit his Rebelmouse page via

Adam Pettigrew Rebelmouse

Adam has linked his web address to his Rebelmouse page.

If all Rebelmouse did was pull info from social media, then it would be pretty boring, but all the content can be shared, re-Tweeted, favourited etc all from within Rebelmouse and without people who view your page having to signup.

Use your imagination

If you still need some inspiration, here are a few examples of what can be done with Rebelmouse:

What will you include in yours?