Case Study: How We’ve Helped London Shoe Designer, Namaan Ebdon

shoe design by Namaan EbdonWe recently had the opportunity to work with a talented shoe designer called Namaan Ebdon to create some printed media for an upcoming exhibition.

Namman Ebdon, a shoe designer based in London, is an award winning graduate with a unique vision in design who likes to challenge himself and his audience.  Namaan was recently approached by the curator of ‘Craft Central’ and asked if he would include some of his collection in their ‘Head To Toe’ exhibition. Namaan wanted to try something different in the way he supplemented his pieces and so he asked us to work with him using our graphic services and print production skills to create some display materials and communication for the the event.

“I was asked, at short notice, to partake and show my work in shoe design at a high profile contemporary design show for a new gallery at Craft Central.  As it was one of my first exhibitions since graduation I had many things to resolve; my design identity for public display and how I wanted to present myself as a designer.”

It was Namaan’s idea to have a graphical representation depicting some of the thoughts and processes which influenced his shoe designs.  Together with Namaan, we opted to have his ideas printed onto foamboard, which he could then frame and display at the exhibition.

“I had a very clear idea of what I wanted done, but with time pressing on and the exhibition fast approaching, I wanted to focus my time on my work and not sat in front of the computer manipulating images and getting quotes from printers.”

mock-up by Namaan Ebdon

Namaan’s original mock-up

Namaan provided us with a full-scale mock-up of what he envisaged his display to look like and we set about producing some initial drafts for him to tweak and modify.  Aware of the pressing time constraints, we were able to have a constant dialogue with Namaan and make any changes he wanted quickly.

display board designs

Examples of display boards

“I was able to discuss in detail and present my ideas throughout with Armshouse Group, who were both clear and thorough in their response to my needs as well as being able to resolve any issues.  It was reassuring to know that whilst the work was being carried out on my behalf that I still had ownership and involvement”.

Postcard for Namaan Ebdon

Postcard front and back

In addition to the display media, Namaan also wanted some postcards made which would continue the themes established in his display, as well as providing visitors something to take away which included his contact details.

Once the drafts were approved by Namaan, we set about finding a print company to produce the final designs.  We recommended that the task be awarded to, primarily for three reasons:

  1. were able to supply both the display boards as well as the postcards.  They in effect became a one-stop-shop for this project, which removed the complications of dealing with multiple suppliers.
  2. Some printers limit you to standard print sizes and materials.  The range of sizes, paper and finish options that have allowed Namaan to select the exact blend that would enable him to create the impression which he wanted to portray.
  3. were also able to work to the fast turnaround needed as well as being very competitive on price.

As a side note, the customer service at is also great.  Once the order had been placed, we needed to bring the delivery date closer.  A few emails to ‘The Team’ and this was done with the minimum of fuss.

Another project Namaan wishes to start in the near future is having his own website designed.  In the meantime, we’ve helped Namaan to register a domain name and setup a temporary holding page based on his design.  The postcards we produced have got the website address printed on one side and visitors can find details there of how to get in touch with Namaan via email.  We hope that Namman will choose Armshouse Group to assist him with his website development and look forward to the opportunity.

We really enjoyed working with Namaan on this project and are hugely grateful for his kind comments which you can read below.  If you’d like to see his extraordinary shoe designs we encourage you to visit the ‘Head To Toe’ exhibition at Craft Central between the 18th – 28th February.

“I felt I could easily communicate with my Client Liaison, Hyder, throughout and all my needs were answered and met with utmost competence and professionalism… I would not hesitate to recommend Armshouse Group if anyone had a project to undertake, creatively and technically brilliant throughout, from the seed of an idea to its final realisation… Lastly, I would like to say a huge thank you for your work throughout my project for the show. For your expediency, understanding, technical skill, patience and creation in displaying my work as a designer, in a public arena successfully and with finesse.”