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Hyder KhalilMy name is Hyder Khalil and I’ll be authoring this blog on behalf of Armshouse Group.  I hope that from this point on I’ll be able to populate this blog with lots of articles and features which will go some way in helping you achieve the results you’re after in relation to your project or venture.

I have a few articles that I’ll share from: how to go about setting up a website, to getting logos designed, maximising your reach on social media and lots more.  Some will be written by me and others will be links to other sites and blogs*.

Before I get on to all that, I’d better take a moment to introduce myself properly and give you a little more information on why you might even bother with reading what I have to say.

So… My professional background stems from the theatre industry where I have worked as a sound engineer in London’s West End for over a decade.  Becoming a sound engineer is something which I always wanted to do, right back from when I was in high school.  Prior to working in the West End, I was an audio-visual technician at a large London hotel before eventually making the leap to theatre back in August 2000.

Over those years, many of my friends and colleagues within the industry have approached me asking for help and advice on technical matters.  I don’t know why, but there seems to be the notion that if you work in sound (or any other technical department for that matter) you must be good with computers, gadgets, gizmos etc.  As it turns out; it’s not that far from the truth.  Most of the other engineers and technicians I’ve met over the years seem to fall within that stereotype; I suspect because we all deal with those tools regularly as part of our jobs.

It started out that people would mainly come to me with their computer woes, bringing their laptops in when they went wrong.  At other times, people were just seeking advice and recommendations for upgrades and additions before parting with their hard-earned cash.  As the internet and everything it enabled began to grow, so too did the ambitions of the people I was surrounded by.  Actors wanted their own websites, dancers wanted to offer classes and singers wanted to record demos.  Some of those things I was able to do already and others I had to learn about and study.

I’ve lost count of the exact number of people whom I’ve helped over the years, but one thing I do know is that it gave me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I’d been a part of making someone else’s goal possible.  It has also allowed me to develop and to better understand subjects which were once just hobbies.  I didn’t imagine for a minute that I might one day offer those skills as a service which would turn into Armshouse Group, yet here we are.

The most important thing I’ve learnt during all these dealings is that people don’t have to be technically minded to know what they want.  Most of the time, the people who have approached me are simply bewildered by all the choices there are out there and just need someone to explain in plain terms the differences between option A and option B.  I hope that using this blog I’ll be able to provide an introduction to the most common subjects that I deal with, but if you still need some help feel free to leave a comment or email me on hyder@nullarmshousegroup.co.uk or get in touch via twitter.

Hope you enjoy the blog.

*The Small Print
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