The Working For Free Myth

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working for freeWorking for free can often be seen as a good way to raise your profile and get some publicity, especially If you’re just starting out with a new venture.  Before you  jump and grab that ‘opportunity’ for exposure, here are a few things to consider.

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Download Cards: New Tactics In A Digital World

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Bands, musicians and anyone distributing digitally have another tool in the marketing world – Dropcards™.

Dropcards™ isn’t a new fly-by-night company that has only just popped up overnight.  They have been around for quite a few years now and run a slick operation out of their office complex located in New Jersey, USA, “but what do they do?” I hear you ask…

Case Study: How We’ve Helped Dynamix Dance

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Our journey with ‘Dynamix Dance’ began from a few paper sketches…

When Dynamix Dance founder, Michelle Pentecost, originally approached us for help with her project it was to turn her pencil sketch of a logo idea into something she could use in print and online.  Almost a year later, Armshouse Group are still involved with Dynamix Dance in many ways.  Michelle has kindly agreed to let us share some of the work we’ve done with her, so that you can get a feel for the way we approach things and how we might help you too with your project. Read More

Getting Online Part 3: Email

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Getting OnlineIn this article we will be focusing on email for business and how you can use it to maximum benefit.
Email has been around for ages now and I’m pretty sure we don’t need to cover how to use it in too much detail.  Instead, we’ll take a look at how you can go from using your personal email address to communicate with your clients or customers, to a more professional alternative. Read More

Getting Online Part 2: Web Hosting

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Getting OnlineIn this second article we’ll take a look at how to go about setting up a website and the finer details of web hosting.
If you’re thinking about setting up a website or having one designed for you, at some point you will have to cross paths with a ‘web host’ or hosting company as they are also referred to. Read More